Drain Inspection CCTV Pipeline Surveys

We have the latest technology to successfully tackle even the most serious problems.

Our Services include CCTV Drain Camera Surveys, Drain Cleaning , Drain Mapping , Blockages Cleared , Root Removal , High Pressure Water Jetting , Insurance Work and all Drainage Repairs including trench-less technology Pipe Lining and Pipe Patching.

Our teams are fully equipped to undertake any blocked drains and can assess drainage problems underground by carrying out one of our diagnostic CCTV drain surveys, which allows us to find the root of your problem and advise you about the best solution to eradicate it. All CCTV surveys are carried out to OS20X standards which is recognised by all UK water authorities.

Closed circuit underground TV surveillance (Drain Inspection CCTV pipeline camera's) enables our engineers to ascertain the condition of your drains. We can therefore provide YOU, the customer with a colour DVD and detailed report giving full recommendations of any remedial work that may be required. With electronic cat & sonde equipment we can also trace your drainage allowing us to pin point the exact spot where your problem exists. Additional information can be viewed at www.draincctv.info

Why do it . . .

Evidence that New drainage has been installed correctly to current codes of practice, either for adoption by water aurthorities or property owners.
House Purchase - Surveyors often specify that a drain survey is carried out.
Borehole condition
Location and mapping, useful prior to land development
Building over existing drainage (For home extensions etc., you are now required to provide video evidence that any public sewer built over has not been damaged during the course of your building work)
To help the diagnosis and rectification of Recurring Problems
General Maintenance - Leaking drains can cause subsidence
If you suspect Pitch - Fibre pipes have been used then pre-emptive maintenance may be indicated.
Thanks to investment in the most sophisticated DRAIN CCTV survey equipment, we have camera technology that allows us to get the best results from any CCTV drain or sewer survey. Our Drain Sewer CCTV reports are thorough, with a DVD copy, site drawing / plan and a writtern comprehensive conditional report including our conclusions & comments on the legal status your drains and sewers. If required we can give a verbal appraisal on the same day as the site visit.

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